Intro to Vegan Nutritional Dietary Deficiencies

Veganism continues to gain credibility in health and fitness populations. But along with an increase in popularity there’s been an increase in rumours and doubts about the vegan diet’s nutritional ability to sustain and improve athletic performance. Let’s just get this out of the way right now: A vegan diet can support strength gain, mass building, and muscle repair for all athletes.

In fact, some of the most well-known athletes are vegan , including Venus Williams, Barny du Plessis (2014 Mr. Universe), Kendrick Yahcob Farris (Olympic Weightlifter) and NFL defensive lineman David Carter.

As with any diet change, athletes must be aware of the natural vegan diet nutritional deficiencies.

By addressing those deficiencies head on, vegan athletes can overcome the challenges and not only reach, but exceed their fitness goals.

Types of Vegan Diet Deficiencies

The goal for every athlete is to construct a diet that supports and benefits their fitness levels. Food is energy, and energy is needed to overcome physical challenges. Even more specifically, protein is essential for muscle health so when an athlete chooses a vegan diet, they’ve got to have an effective dietary game plan in place to compensate.

We’re firm believers in the vegan diet as a healthy lifestyle choice, we want to make sure athletes are aware of potential deficiencies after cutting out a major food group. So, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Protein

    It’s no secret that protein intake is a core part of building muscle mass. Unlike the typical diet, athletes require higher amounts of protein. Unfortunately for vegans, sometimes plant proteins cannot be absorbed as efficiently and are generally lower in essential amino acids.

    No, we’re not succumbing to the myth that all protein needs to come from animal products.

    However, protein found in plants is often significantly less than in animal products. Vegan athlete diets have to overcompensate by adding high quantities of plant-based foods just to be on the same level.

    Not all proteins are equal.

    Athletes need to consume food containing essential amino acids like leucine, which affects protein synthesis that stimulates muscle growth. To get the full benefits, high-leucine foods, like leafy greens, will have greater muscle-building potential.

  • Iron

    Around 70% of our body’s iron is stored in red blood cells. These cells are essential for transporting oxygen within our bodies which is vital when exercising.
    When working out, iron deficiencies result in fatigue, irritability, and trouble concentrating. Though plant-based foods contain iron, they are classified as non-heme iron and cannot absorb as easily in the body as their animal heme iron counterparts.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Unbalanced vegan athlete diets can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies containing lower levels of calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D and B Vitamins. Such deficiencies can impact motor skills and appetite, as well as cause cramping during workouts.

Overcoming Vegan Dietary Deficiencies

Though diet deficiencies can happen in almost any diet, vegan athletes must pay close attention to the foods they choose and how they will be absorbed by the body.

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Address these common, and completely avoidable, vegan diet deficiencies head on. Learn more about how you can reach your fitness goals with our plant-based mass gainer VEGANMASS™.